Girls, I really like this girl. should I keep chatting with her and see where that leads?

So this girl I really like in my college English class seems really cool. She followed me on Instagram in Early-September and we talked for a few days. Last Monday I made a move and friended her on Facebook. She accepted my friend request and we've been talking every day since Monday evening. I really like her a lot. I have asked out for coffee and she said "maybe". Should I give it some time and ask her out for coffee in like a few weeks? or should i just keep chatting with her on Facebook and see where that leads? I also plan on chatting with her face to face tomorrow after class (even though she says she likes to walk alone) I feel like I'm making a solid effort here. Also, since we have continued talking for almost a week, is that a sure sign she is single?

PS: she is really busy with work she tells me, so maybe that is why she doesn't know when we can go out for coffee perhaps?


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  • From the sounds of it, you're being really good about this so far. I reckon you should keep on chatting with her, but maybe wait a while before re-suggesting the coffee idea. There's every chance she's also interested, but I would advise trying to keep your interactions casual and upbeat, rather than going for any particular result just yet.