Less active in social media after telling me she's not ready for a relationship?

This girl who I've been talking to said that she's not ready for a relationship. She has been ignoring me a couple of. days prior to that. She said hopefully we can remain friends and i told her that I'll always be here for her as I've always been. Later late that night, she texted me "hey". I replied back the next morning with good morning and I just got your text message and is everything good? She never replied back. she is always on Facebook sharing post all the time and that night when she told me she's not ready for a relationship, she started putting up statuses of what she's doing. which is something she rarely does. The next couple days after that, she's been inactive in Facebook and I wanted to know if she's been thinking too much about it? She's the one who hurt me by ignoring me and ditching our plans to hang out 3 times in a row and she ditched me last minute all the time. I don't want her to feel hurt but I do want to know and make an attemp to try to lift her spirits up if she is. Or should I just do the no contact rule or give her space?


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  • She's not interested I think, I'm going through the same thing, instead of getting hung up over it lets just move on :)

    • This isn't the first time she did this to me. She told me she wasn't ready for a relationship the first week but it ended up with us being more intimate. And now we are back at it again. Her ignoring me and etc.

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  • She seems to be avoiding you.

    • Is that a good thing on my part seeing as I'm giving her space now or bad as in she wants nothing to do with me?

    • Well I would say bad, regardless of the situation, intentionally avoiding is usually not a good thing.


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  • Just give her some space, she'll come around eventually if she wants to.


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