Girls, 48, still single, never dated past two dates?

I've dated, but the girl Always like clock work ends it after 1 or 2 dates. Never returns my calls and or acts rude towards me. This is my history of dating since a teen. Deep down I am looking for a wife, I know that, but i never talk about that. I meet a lot of girls, but even female friends stop befriending me after a few weeks. I just don't understand what is happening. People keep telling me about online dating, BUT, my question is, how can online help if my problem isn't meeting women, it's "scaring them off", (which a few women have told my friends before, whatever scary means), when I'm with them? Is 48 and never could close the deal with women even as a friend odd? Is there really something wrong with me? Because it hurts. Thanks.


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  • Have you tried a matchmaker? Have you ever done therapy?

    • Have been set up through friends, but same result

    • Plus I don't really make a lot of money

    • Well, you know, if you don't take steps to change anything, why would it change?


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  • You need to get to the bottom of what they mean by scare them off and work in that. Have you considered therapy?

    • I remember once my friend said she told him, "Too much too soon"

    • So cool your jets, slow it down and accept each date for what it is, one day/night of interaction with someone you are attracted to and nothing more. Then test each subsequent date in the same manner.

  • Don't worry, it's not important. You have more stuff going for yourself.