Dating someone more experienced? What do I do?

I am just wondering how to talk about/if I should talk about these things with a guy before they happen. I am interested in a guy who also likes me and I am fairly sure that something will come out of it. I'm currently 20 and he is a few years older than me and more sexually experienced than I am. I have only slept with one guy, my last boyfriend which was when I was like 15/16. So it's been a while... the other thing that I'm kinda concerned about is since I'm not very experienced I feel like I'm gonna be awkward and not know what I'm doing at times. So i dont know how/if i should talk about these things. Does anyone who has been in similar situations have any advice?


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  • Be honest about it with him. If he's like any other guy he'll enjoy teaching you things. I know I have when I've dated younger women.


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  • Just drink and relax

    • That's your answer to everything, isn't it?

    • Drinking isn't the answer but thanks... not exactly wanting to start a relationship drunk.


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  • just be yourself and communicate with him

  • You simply just go with the flow and make sure you are comfortable with all the decisions you make/come across.


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