Is he ready to break up with me?

Me and boyfriend hve been together nearly a year now we went on our first holiday together 2 weeks ago! all way through the holiday and day before holiday he was very distance, barely speaking to me, not touching me not hugs or kisses, moving away from me a lot, we was gone a week and only had sex twice, normally he has a high sex drive, he spoke about the future he told me he never wants kids and wants move US when he is 40, he had always told me he wants kids but now changed his mind, when i spoke to him about it he changed it again saying he does want kids and he would only move US if he won lottery! he is still being cold when we speak, i feel like were not moving forward and stuck in a rut, i feel he is hiding something from me and doesn't want to tell me. I'm scared he is going end it with me!


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  • Hmm something's up with him. Talk to him about it. I don't want to say "he's preparing to break up" because I can't tell, but something's not right and you guys need to talk.


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  • You need to be straight forward with him about how you feel. Both of you need to talk out your feelings and issues.