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So I've been messaging a guy, and most of the time he's pretty good about replying. A few times he's forgotten and I made the mistake of chewing him out about it. He reassured me that he honestly just forgets sometimes. Last night I sent him a message and he didn't reply. (I didn't say anything offensive). Me being the prideful female that I am, I don't like looking desperate. Guys, if you honestly just forgot to message a girl back, would you want her to message you again? Like would you care or be annoyed or have your ego swelled up that she was the first to contact you? I just want some advice lol.


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  • Depending on what you said, maybe it's something he doesn't want to reply to. Or he simply forgot. If he forgot, maybe resend it? If not, better let it go and send him something else.

    • I asked him his favorite movie

    • Who knows, maybe his favorite movie is Frozen and he panicked ;-)

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  • I'd say don't message him again. Let him reach you.


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  • Honestly if it were me I wouldn't care if you messaged me again. Everybody forgets to reply sometimes so just send a follow up message


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