Girls, if a guy tried apologizing to you for something he did, he even risked getting in trouble for it, would you forgive him?


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  • Depends what he did and what he risked.

    • I read what you wrote and I would not be mad at you at all. Wow that lady has some problems

    • Well I really appreciate it.

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  • Depends on what he did.

    • like for example…long story short, but these r the highlights…in the workplace, the both of u work together one day, u say something like ur getting old, he tries making u feel better about urself by saying that if he had to guess ur age, he would say ur not older than 25…even though ur actually like 32. and he meant it as a compliment, u thought he was flirting…for the next 6 months…the 2 of u are being rude to one another…he attempts to fix the misunderstanding, u report it, he looks like he's been harassing u…even though he hasn't...

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    • i would like to have someone like u in my life, seriously, like ever since that thing happened back in march this year, i can't stop thinking about it everyday…i mean, this woman made me look like a monster…when if anything she was harassing me. but because she's the woman, they side with her...

    • Haha well, thank you for the compliment ;) I'm sorry I didn't see your question about me having a boyfriend: yes I do.

  • Yeah, it might be.