Girls, Girls? Would you date a guy who looks younger than his age?

I'm 23 and apparently i look 15-19 at most. So do you girls posibly date a guy who looks younger than his age. what do you girls think? I just feel like girls are not into guys like that, and when aplicable they are usualy jail bate. Not fun due to the young look I have. It be nice if I could date someone with simaler traites. However it seams imposible to some dagre.

I figure I clarify what I said cuss I don't English that well. "At most" = "the majority" I had as wide of a span from 13 - 20. However the trend tends to be 15 -19 unless they talked to me for a bit, Many I get 20. The youngerare the person guessing, older the think I am, visa versa for older people. I tend to be carded for items that I need to be over 21. Rarely the opposite.


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  • I'm going to guess not. I'm not into 15 year olds. However, we don't know what you look like, or why you are being mistaken for being underage.

  • I'm not sure honestly. If you at least look of consenting age (you said 19 at most), then it might be ok. If the guy had things in common with me, was nice, and funny then yeah I'd give him a chance and date him.