Is she trying to tell me something?

i am not stupid i know things and notice things , this girl i asked out said okay , a week later ( few days before the date ) asked me if she can bring her friend ( girl ) i said fine but wasn't pleased with her suggestion , yesterday she asked me if her other friend ( a guy ) can come too , now i've known her for a litle while , she's nice and everything but thinks girls and guys can be true friends... i dont , I don't know what she's trying to do but i think she might be trying to tell me that she just wants friendship , i want more so iam not interested in just a friendship i can't tell her no for the date but i am thinking about moving to the next girl , unless iam getting the wrong idea here?


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  • I did this to one of my guy friends a couple times.. (I knew that he liked me) but I wasn't sure if I really liked him, and I brought a friend so he would have a less chance of trying to "make a move." You can ask her about it, or you can move on to the next girl..

    • thats my point , no offense but i am not interested in a friendship with a girl becasue it can go wrong i will be thinking with my dick the whole time and it just... won't work , if she doesn't make a move or seems cold when i try to , thats it game over i am moving to the next chick.

    • None taken. And yea move on then...

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  • You hear that girls, men are not as stupid as we appear. So, stop calling us stupid


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  • There is a big possibility your getting the wrong idea! She could possibly not be ready to go on a one on one date, which isn't a bad thing! Or she may be extremely nervous. But if your not sure what she feels about the whole situation, you should just straight up ask her. :)

    • i am planning to ask her straight to the face if she is afraid to go in a one on one date with me , iam not scary nor an ass ( well unless i have to ) so no reason to be afraid of me

    • To some girls, that doesn't matter - if your an ass or scary. Most girls are like me, they get intimidated just by the opposite sex. Or just simply get scared of screwing up in front of someone she likes. But good luck with your date, I hope all goes well.

  • Maybe she does just wanna be friends or the girl friend that she invited before might have a crush on the guy and she wanted him to be there as well.

    So the girl you asked out is inviting the other guy for her friend.

  • Why can't you say no to the "date" and what do you mean move to the next girl?

    • like stop taking this one on dates and stuff and find another girls whos interested in me

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    • ... invite them next time.

    • well she did ask for my permission before bringing anyone , they're nice people and helped me few times so couldn't refuse ( i know them personally ) but i did tell her i planned to be just the two of us

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