Can we all agree that love isn't special or magical?

There is a biological reason why blood is red, why poop smells bad, why our skin tone is the way it is. Everything on earth is cold hard science and nothing special.

So why do people think love is special? The first thing that happens when you meet a very attractive person is a chemical reaction happening between the brain and body. Then comes an emotion which is designed to keep you together long enough to produce children. Thats it., everything else like romance is meant to induce more chemical reactions. Romance is an artificial tool used and made by society to get our bodies to produce more chemical reactions.

There you have people Gag people. Love ain't special and those of you that crave it are mentally unhealthy. What's normal is the craving for sex. The emotion of love is a semi man made and instinctual emotion.

Also if you think about the cave men they never said "Ug Ug me am LUV U". Love evolved from complex modern society and environment.


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  • That's true that everything on earth can theoretically be studies scientifically. ANYTHING can theoretically be studied by science. If you're implying anything that can be observed by science is not special, then nothing would be special. If something is special or not is an opinion.

    All thoughts create chemicals in the brain and all emotions are influence by them. How you do know that emotions only keep people together long enough to have kids? There are plenty of couples that stay together after children and there are many couples that decide to not have kids yet stay together. You know this.

    Are you saying that society did the romance (that's how you worded it)? Or do you mean society came up with the concept of romance? I agree that society has an influence that can promote romance, but the concept and actions started with individuals. Maybe romance turned into a social norm over time but it didn't start with society telling people to do it.

    • Thank you for understanding my post. The others I guess are too young.

    • It was interesting. I think you have points but it's just somewhat pessimistic.


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  • *Tips Fedora*

  • Just because it is science doesn't mean it isn't special. In fact, science is the most special thing of all! Who cares about magic and God and stupid nonsense? Science makes it real, and the fact that it is real is the most special thing about it.

  • Why would I agree with you on something I know to be false.


  • sure yeah why not : )