Do guys feel rejected if you don't sleep with them while dating?

I've been on four dates with this guy. Okay sure, we met at the bar and the first "date" was talking and making out on my couch til 8 am.. and some more stuff happened, but we didn't go all the way. I've been on 2 dates with him since - he's cooked me dinner, we went out to play pool, and we went out to eat. He paid for everything and was a huuuge gentleman. The problem is, because he never texts me in between dates and sometimes just stops replying, I don't want to sleep with him. I feel kinda hurt. Although I am extremely attracted to him, I read that you shouldn't give it up until he treats you like he's your boyfriend - or at least is exclusive. He's very good looking, so I assume he can get "any" girl.

Our last date went extremely well, we made out for a loong time in the parking lot and he awkwardly said good night. There were sparks. He wanted me to come inside, but I again said no. On the weekend I was supposed to see him, so I texted him the morning of and he said he was really hungover, so he wouldn't be good company that day. I didn't reply to his text, so he called twice. I called him back and he said he felt better and I could come over if I wanted - but his friend is coming over later. I said I had plans, but then texted him later and said change of plans - I can come soon if you want. He said he fell asleep and didn't see my text til right before his friend came. He asked when I was meeting my friend later, so I told him and he didn't reply. Wtf... The whole not replying to my texts thing is really getting to me.

But why is he such a crappy texter? What is this guy's deal? Could he feel rejected that I won't give in to his advances? Guys?:p

By the way - I've told this guy before that I'm not the type to jump into bed with someone I'm not dating, so if he thinks that's gonna happen, I recommend he doesn't waste his time. He said he doesn't expect that. (I do realize anyone could just be saying that..

If a guy offers to pay, I'm not going to force him not to. We're both well off, and he knows that, so money is really the smallest issue. And of course, a guy is willing to put more work/money into a woman he thinks is more beautiful. That's life! Everyone wants the best prize they can get!


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  • Then women wonder why we can't respect them. Not only didn't you take advantage of his money. You also ended up kissing him too quickly. There are women out there that would tell me that they wouldn't kiss or do anything too sexual on a first date with me because they aren't that type of girl. However, as soon as I got plastic surgery now they do it. It goes to show you women are no more respectable then men.

    • Kissing on the first date is too much? Since when? That's crazy! Kissing tells you very quickly if there's any chemistry. And I didn't use him for his money, he offered to pay every time.

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    • Of course looks matter. You can't be with someone you're not attracted to. I genuinely like this guy and am in no way using him for his money. I would gladly pay if that meant I could continue to see him.

    • Yes, but you clearly have a problem with paying and you would also do more with a man who was more attractive vs a less attractive men (assuming you are still attracted to both)- then women give me fucking bullshit for spending more money on more beautiful women.

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  • Most of them will say they don't, but truth is that they do. They are usually afraid that something is wrong with them, or they consider it unfair that you have slept with other people and you find it hard to sleep with him.


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  • No i suggest u dont sleep with them. Do u even understand if they only came for dat purpose? Silly gurls smh

  • I never felt rejected for that reason.

  • It depends on the intentions, but no not really.


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