Should I hang out/go on a date with both? Or should I choose?

So I started talking to these two girls recently from tinder, girl A I started talking to first and I like more, girl B I still like but I'm not as interested but would be completely open to something if things with girl A don't work out. I asked girl B the other day if she wants to hang out this week and she said yes and the current plan is for her to come over and watch a movie sometime this week.

i had originally asked Girl A last week to hang out but she wasn't available till this week. And I think we are planning on doing something tomorrow.

I understand this is how online, especially Tinder, dating works. But I don't want to lead anyone on or also get hung out to dry. Should I ask if Girl B wants to hang out tonight and then go hang out with Girl A tomorrow? Or should I wait to see how things go with girl A before I do anything with Girl B?


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  • If you have a thing going with either one of them, I would date one at a time - so girl A until things don't work out. If you haven't met any of them, of course meet both and then decide. I wouldn't really get insulted if it was a first date, but if I met the guy a few times and we had kissed etc - I'd be kinda sad if I heard he was dating around. You seem like such a nice and genuine guy, we need more of you!!


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  • Dating multiple people is just fine.


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  • hang out with girl b tohnight and hang out with girl a tomorrow. trust me do that beause you already have stuff planned. so just do that lol you will see girl a tomorrow. you are dating as long as you're not telling these girls lies there's nothing wrong with dating multiple people


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