Do indian girls like non indian guys?

Hi, i am curious, i am Spanish and french and i find indian girls very pretty at my university :)
i was wondering if they would date non-indian guys... i know many indian people have different religions and speak many different languages, and many only date within their cultures

But i was wondering they wouldn't mind dating a guy who isn't indian
I have nice olive skin, brown eyes and brown hair :)


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  • In my experience it seems they do like non-indian guys. Many tend not to date outside of their culture because of their parents and a hole load of nonsense.
    But yeah many also date non-indians also.

    But each individual is different so you never know. depends on the girl.
    I say go for it bro!

    • Thank you sir, i will go and try

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    • All the best bro, and remember lets say she doesn't like you. That doesn't mean all Indian girls don't.
      But best of luck!

    • Understood my fiend, best wishes

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  • I got told that they totally worship White guys. :P

    @aficionado might fill you in on this

    • I am not exactly white though
      I look more Arab because of my skin and hair and eyes

  • my mom is an indian woman happily married to a Portuguese man so yes they do :)

  • yeah we do :)


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  • Some don't mind but they most likely won't date you because of their parents. This is if you are talking about traditional Indian girls.

    • There is this one girl i see everyday and i just can't stop staring at her lol!
      i want to approach her, but am afraid of the instant rejection jus because, i am not indian
      I think she might be open minded, but i haven't seen her with anyone who wasn't indian :/

    • Dude you have to try for her. If you don't then I will. 👍

  • yeah they love fucking white guys from what I know... even an average looking white guy would do well with Indian women as compared to a good looking Indian guy
    still #NotGeneralizing...

    • I dont like white though!
      i have olive skin and dark eyes/dark hair look more arab

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    • I mean including people who look like other races cause they are obsessed with skin color like most Indians are

    • thanks

  • Go after her, you never know until you try, but i'm in the same boat as you, i want one of them, and i find them so pretty, but they only usually stick to there own race of men, and will tend not even to acknowledge you unless your one of them.

  • If you're white, you're in luck cuz everybody loves white people.

    • I don't look white cause I have olive skin and brown eyes and hair
      Many people say I look Arab