Would you be mad if someone gay flirted with your partner?

Today there was a huge fight in class because a gay guy slapped this girl on the ass and her boyfriend saw it, the gay guy always did it to her and she didn't really care because they were friends and he was gay.. would you flip out like he did? they had to send him home..

when he got sent home his girlfriend signed out and left, then when they were both gone he revealed that he was bi not gay.

and gay people would you do the same if someone straight flirted with your partner?

(nothing against gay people)


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  • i have a lot of a gay friends they dont do that to me because they know thats crossing the line especially infront of my boyfriend i would be pissed if one of them did that to me


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  • If you are all under 18, then you need to keep in mind that the fellow is seriously confused. He is quite messed up in the head at this point in his life. Maybe he will figure himself out in a few years, maybe not.

  • No it wouldn't.