Why does the media keep promoting white girl/black man interracial relationships?

Whether it's a commercial, music video, movie, etc they always have that whole white girl/black man agenda. Im not saying it's wrong but I am sick and tired of it ffs. It pushes the whole idea that white girls should only date black men and that all other men are "inferior" thats why you rarely or hardly see white girl/asian guy or white girl with Indian (ASIA) guy/white girl couples on tv. Asians/Indians are always portrayed as ugly. undesirable, weak, nerdy, taxi driver, convinience store clerk, takeout delivery guy, etc. I would rather be stereotyped as a thug than a nerd who works as a doctor/conveniece store clerk/taxi driver.

And whats even more funny is I don't even fit the stereotypes of Indians since I am only Indian by race and I come from a CHRISTIAN background. I also don't have that raj "accent" as a matter of fact I have a south African accent neither am I a nerd or skinny. And for the umpteenth time I am NOT a vegetarian and I do NOT wear a dot on my forehead!!!


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  • it seems you have a lot of internalized hate

    • I am very familiar to this tactic of reverse blaming whereby the blame is placed on the asker or OP though a baseless attack on his perceived personality or baseless assumptions about him. The fault is not mine that fault is you white people and your blatant racism and your hatred of Indians and Asians and don't give me that bullshit about how you have Indian friends and what not.

      But hey no matter what I say you will say it's my fault, my "culture's"fault etc it's never the white mans fault amirite.

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    • Yep you're giving off the typical condescending snobby vibe.

    • omg stop. i can't stop laughing.

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  • it sells because people like being seen as non racist. We are in the middle of the PC (politically correct) era.


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  • I see all types of couples on commercials and in media. I don't think it's more of one kind than another.


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  • it is a concerted effort by the media to promote this... Because we know for a fact that White men date and marry more Asian women than white women and blacks...

    So the media is certainly pushing an agenda...

    I think its mainly due to white guilt... White people maybe feeling bad about how they treated blacks... So to assuage this guilt they want to make it seem like they like blacks and want more white women to sleep with them as a means of payback for slavery lol

  • Only black people do