A guy who likes me hasn't contacted me, why isn't he saying anything?

I met a guy who lives in my building at school and we both liked each other instantly, because right after meeting we saw each other almost every single day for a week and hung out and texted all the time. We talked about going to see some concerts together, we went to a dance together, he took me on a date (he told me it was one when i didn't know it was!), and other stuff. He's even kissed me in public and held my hand and whatnot. On Friday, everything seemed weird. He invited me and my roommates to his place to pregame w/his roommates before going out. When we got there, he was drinking and high and was acting weird. He randomly said he was going to leave and go hang out with his friend. I was totally confused and annoyed that he would just leave after inviting me! His roommates sensed i was annoyed and probably told him that. We saw him later that night at a bar and my roommates asked him what happened. He said he was angry, and acted pretty weird/rude. He's never been like that. I felt like I made too much of a big deal out of him leaving, but it was rude. He ended up apologizing the day after when he saw all of us so I felt better. That night, he ended up texting me to go on a pizza run (lol) so we hung out for a while and I thought things would go back to normal but he hasn't texted me much, responded to snapchats, etc. He told my roommate he really liked me last Saturday and said that he doesn't just want to hook up with me. by the way, he's never been in a relationship before and hardly has any experience with girls. He told me he was nervous when he first hung out with me. I may be just overthinking it and he might just be busy with stuff. I did see pass him yesterday and he smiled and said hey. Whats his deal? Can I do something to fix this? Do I just wait it out?


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  • He is probably playing it cool.


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  • Oh to be able to get into a guys head. It was rude at the pre-game thing. Glad he apologized. Maybe he's just inexperienced and doesn't know how to take it to another level. I don't usually suggest this, but If you still get the vibe he's into you, you may need to throw yourself at him.

    • yeah. thats what i was thinking. I just feel weird because he was actually texting me last week and stuff. I don't know what vibe I even get from him now since I haven't legit hung out with him. :/