Can flirting go too far?


okay so I meet this guy one night when I was out with a bunch of friends, when I met him I was already dating someone I didn't really think twice about him...but also felt some kind of connection with him. Me and my ex broke up...and then started texting this guy..we flirt a one convo was him asking me if I was seeing anyone...i said no one that I could brag about..and he said that he could give me something to brag about...etc. stuff like that...we haven't seen each other since the first time we met...he asked me to come over and drink at his house last night..i said no because I didn't want the first time we do hang out again to me alone at his house with I said about going to a club tonight ...he said he can't wait to dance with me to see how if fells when I am against him...( he also talks about how he hates not having a girlfriend and how he gets lonely)...and I would like to get to know him he does seem to be a nice guy...but now I'm things that the flirting text message might have gave him the wrong idea..or was he just flirting too...or I was also thinking he would be a nice rebound guy...i don't know what do you guys think he wants...


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  • No offense but he sorta sounds like a jerk..if you ever were to date him he would probably end up cutting ur heart in2 tiny little bite size peices

    • So rebound guy?...or just forget he is better looking then my ex

    • I would just forget him lol


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  • It seems to me like he's just horny. You're playing it the right way so far, but it seems like he's only looking for one thing from you right now, or any girl, for that matter.


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  • Well I am not positive about this guy, but these sound like some of the things I might say.

    Despite want many girls think when a guy invites you over to his house its not always to try to sleep with you, many times they are just nervous about being in public. It's much easier to be romantic and try to sway a girl when you are alone with her, then when you are trying to dance with a thousand people around.

    True it sounds like he just wants to sleep with you, however he most likely is just testing the waters, seeing how you will react so he knows you better.