What did I do wrong?

Recently, I met this guy and we exchanged numbers and hung out (too soon, I know :/ ). He told his friends I was his girlfriend and I thought that was really cute. We went on little dates and called each other in the mornings. But I told him that we weren't official bc he never actually asked me out. He said he didn't need to ask me that bc we're adults. I told him I rlly wanted him to and gave him a week to do so. He said okay he would do it. Its been a week since I've heard from him and he's ignored all my calls and texts. Was I being too pushy; should I of just left the situation without a title?

I forgot to mention that he PROMISED he would ask me out. Yeah, he might have been lying, but why would he go that far and promise something with no intention of doing so?


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong, this is him not you.


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  • Never give a guy an ultimatum and a time frame to do something they loathe it. When it comes to guys you could have relaxed and played along. The greatest gift women have is their ability to convince a man it was there decision 😉😂 I would have gone ok cool so it's official now is it given a teasing smirk and kissed him. But then I am quite a messer but good humour can work in your favour a lot

    • Wish I had used this method beforehand

    • Don't let it eat you up inside send one final text just say I'm sorry I felt a little overwhelmed but I do really like you and would like us to be together. If he doesn't reply leave it. Move on. You learn from mistakes and live gets a bit easier. Put it down to experience we have all done it :)

    • Thanks for these helpful words!

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  • Yeah if you give a guy an ultimatum he's going to do the the opposite of what you want him to do 80% of the time.

  • if a guy tells his friends that u are his girlfriend, then he means it...
    u hurt him... maybe try saying sorry to him and see what happens...

    • Will do! Thanks :)

    • Thats it, just say "sorry if i hurt u, but i just need to figure things out, i hope u understand"
      and then just leave, dont ever contact him again... now its his turn,,, if he talks to u after that then talk to him...
      otherwise goodbye...

  • This guy doesn't have a clue how dating and relationships work. If you stay with him, expect more of the same cluelessness. If you're willing to work with him on that, that's fine, but I think you'll eventually end up frustrated.

    • I would try if he stopped ignoring me.

    • He's probably all butthurt because he called you his girlfriend and you didn't think it was official. It sounds like the two of you need to have a chat.

  • Haha, I would have ended it with you too.

    Sorry, but you're need for "proper procedure/rules" and retarded, insecure shit like that is a major turn off.

    No surprises here, honey.

    • And on top of that, he clearly liked you and you basically said "haha, fuck you, you shouldn't be excited at all."

      What were you expecting?

    • I mean he said he was gonna ask me, so I expected him to do what he said.. not ignore me and hide his true feelings :(

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