Ow is it possible to have almost 600 likes on a dating app and only get one date out of it?

How is it possible to have almost 600 likes on a dating app and only get one date out of it? How?


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  • Yes of course it is possible. Most people these days like without even giving it a real thought. It is like a reflex more than anything.

    • So im doomed to be alone? ? I mean of it doesn't work on something as simple as a dating app there is no chance for me😕

    • That is not true, just because some dating app was unsuccessful does not mean your reality shares the same fate. All you have to do is try and keep your head up high. Everyone is struggling as you are.

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  • The world is full of shy insecure guys.

    • And not so attractive guys either.


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  • 1. Very much possible that the dating site is keeping it's members' morale uplifted :)
    2. If the likes are genuine then for sure loads of guys have liked it but most who like somethings in a girl are often intimidated by it i. e. she's some sort of a poster girl for them but they are afraid to take her on in person :)
    3. Just as someone who has 600 likes there are others who are similar and they may want to try out with those others first :)

  • I would need to see the profile to understand the problem.

    • Because you're an expert right?

    • No, because I have absolutely no chance of determining anything about the problem unless I see the profile. I never claimed to be an expert. You asked a question; I answered.

  • Beats me! haha


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