This guy I've been seeing denied having sex? I'm shocked?

I'll make this as to the point as possible. I've been having sex with and hanging out with this guy that I've known since jr high. He would tell me how sex is amazing and how beautiful I am etc. well, not too long ago, I sent him a sexy pic of my legs in black heels. He said stop it I'm turning him on in class. I asked if he could come afterwards and he was beig wishy washy by not giving me a definitive answer. He would say he has to see because he has to see if he has to pick his dad up. Then I asked why couldn't he come afterwards. He then responded with " *my name*!!! It's not that it's that I have to take him home and do homework for my class tomorrow." I then told him why he didn't say that from the beginning. He apologized but the point is... He denied seeing me... Really? I mean? We're both young. Is he just not that physically attracted to me that he denied meeting me?


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  • You would win at the olympics if there was a discipline called jumping to conclusions.
    He obviously had reasons to not be there that he didn't feel comfortable telling you about. I suspect he might have had a date. You two aren't together so technically, there is no expectations of exclusivity. He may not have wanted to tell you to not hurt you. also, there was no guarantee this would go anywhere so he prefered not telling you. It could also have been something else that he didn't want to tell you about. Like something he's embarrassed about. Appointment at the shrink? He was excited to have a beer with his dad cause it's important to him, I don't know...

    • I told you the reason he said he couldn't because he had to pick his dad up... This isn't the first time he responds that way. He's a wishy washy person in general

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    • Of me and a girl *

    • Of course of you with a girl ! He wouldn't have it any other way ! ;-)
      Huhhh, let me give you my email address in case you want to make sure your video gets to it's destination. lol

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  • He was genuinely busy. People can't be in that kind of mood all the time. Don't take it personally, I am almost certain that it had nothing to do with you.


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  • Maybe he just has a lower sex drive than you or maybe he was actually busy and couldn't come cauze why you would turn him on with your pic. if he is not physically attracted to you?

    • It's the fact that after I turned him on and expressed how libidinous I was, I would presume that he would be excited and couldn't wait to see me. I've put things aside for him, just to see him for a few hours. That's all I wanted, LOL!

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    • I ask because he's confusing I can't tell what he wants :( he told me he loved me a few times too...

  • good for him!

    my kinda dude.

    • Why is it good for him?

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    • Don't me talking to you, yes. You're boring me.

    • Done*

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