Getting Too Comfortable?

The other night, a friend of mine ended her "situationship", the reason being that the guy said she was just like every other girl and got too comfortable. This was confusing for me because isn't being comfortable an important part of building a relationship? Then again, I feel entirely lost at the same time lol. So my question is, what does getting too comfortable really mean? And why is that a deal breaker for some men? This question is mainly for guys, but girls are free to share their thoughts, too.


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  • I think the meaning of getting comfortable here is not less frequently doing things that you used to do for that person at the start of the relationship... One of those things being sex...
    That's what it really means


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  • Probably she wants more of a committed relationship than what he's interested in? He wants more freedom, and was potentially feeling too shackled?

    • I definitely agree that it's probably a commitment thing. It just seems so weird though lol

    • Nope, he means they think it's in the bag and stop trying. That he's already won over and committed so they don't have to work to please anymore. They just cruise to the finish.


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  • Look up the term 'complacent'.


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