What are some clear cut "friend zone signs"?

I've been talking to this girl for a month now, we've been on two dates. I haven't made a move yet at all, no kiss nothing. When I snap her she says I'm cute or handsome, sends hearty faced emojis and screen caps my snaps sometimes, I'm sorta lost though since we haven't kissed or anything I don't know if she sees me as just a friend, what signs usually mean you've been friend zoned, and am I? Or am I just overthinking things?


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  • If you don't want to be in he friend zone why haven't you asked her on a third date? If you do I think you should probably kiss her. She may think you aren't into her that way and once she decides that and is okay with it you are end the friend zone.


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  • Go out on date, get hug at end of night. haha


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  • dude, girls dont go on dates with friends ,
    just text her jokingly that u like her, and see how she responds...