Would you date someone in a wheelchair why or why not?

I have dated a women in a wheelchair and I didn't find it any different from being with a women not in a wheelchair .I notice people would look at us like it was wrong.would you date someone in a wheelchair? And we are talking a wheelchair bound person who can use the rest room cook and dress themselves.


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  • I agree with the Anonymous girl. I think it's absolutely amazing. I don't find absolutely anything wrong with it. If the two of you are happy, it shouldn't matter what anybody else thinks. But of course, not everyone could do it. I wouldn't. I don't know if that makes me a good or a bad person, but I know I couldn't. Then again, if I was in a wheelchair, and the position were reversed, I am sure I would look at the situation differently... As to why, well... I guess I want an average relationship- someone who is for a lack of a better word, normal. Normal in the sense that they are healthy, everyday people. I want someone tall, strong, I guess manly. Someone who can pick me up. I don't know. I just can't see myself with someone in a wheelchair. I think it's not just about disability. People also have preferences for looks, skin color, religious views, social status, interests, etc. Obviously I wouldn't be happy with just any tall, strong guy. Okay, I'm getting carried away, but I guess my topmost reason is I want just a regular relationship with someone. Those have enough drama and complications as it is. I've been in relationships where some people did not approve or were not supportive of, and it adds extra pain and stress to the relationship.


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  • Yes - you are a great person for doing it! Everybody needs to be loved - no matter what condition they are in :)

  • First, I think you're an amazing and rare person to be able to look past someone's disability and see them for who they are on the inside. Not everyone, most would not date someone who in a wheelchair. Myself included. I feel like such a horrible person for saying this, but I wouldn't. I want a healthy person for a long term relationship. I want to get married and have kids and I just don't see how it's possible with someone in a wheelchair. And if it's a genetic reason why he needs it, I definitely wouldn't want my kids to have it.

    • EVERYBODY has a disability or a hindrance. Some are just more visible than others. I mean if it is a SEVERE disability that's one thing, but other than that, most of us are fully independent, work, are athletic and can be family men. Also, "healthy".,,,,,, If you got your finger chopped off at a middle knuckle, then that can be considered a disability. But if you don't have smallpox, etc, you are still healthy. Lastly, healthy comes in many forms: mental, spiritual and physical. And people who go through problems and come out on the other side are often the healthiest in the most important ways. If you had a nasal issue, for example, would my wheelchair ass want to pass that down to my kids? I know that is a simplification of the situation, but is analogous. Know the person, not the perception.

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