Girls, Can I get some advice on a first message to send on a dating site to get a response?

My usual message which i add in some more based on her profile -

I got a joke for ya What did the little Chimney say to the Big Chimney? Your too young to smoke ;) My name’s Jamie. So i thought i introduce myself and say hi. So how was your summer, go anywhere nice? Next Summer I want to visit Italy and Norway just to experience their food how about you? So do you prefer a big night out or a quiet night in?



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  • Do you write all of that in the first message? I think it's a lot for a single first time message, also I think the joke is cute but many women would think it to be childish, maybe just say: Hey, so I thought I would introduce myself and say hi, (smiling emoji) my names Jamie. How was your summer, go anywhere nice? then, when/if she responds nicely comment on her response and then say: I'm thinking about visiting Italy and Norway next summer just to experience the food. Is there any place you have been wanting to visit for a long time? Then if she just responds with a place ask why, if she responds with a place and an explanation comment on that (maybe you or your friends have been there before and can say something about it, although I wouldn't recommend saying something terribly negative.) Then later if the conversation is dying down ask her if she prefers a big night out or a quiet night in.

    • okay will take your advice the reason i didn't say hey to begin with as loads of woman on their complain it is boring!

  • Since she had a good sense of humor, reply with a cute riddle or something