My boyfriend is always sticking up for his 'lesbian friend ' and keeps fighting with me and won't introduce me to her or the rest of them?

Hi. I'm with my boyfriend 7years. . he started working in a new job the last year he has became friends with loads of guys and girls.. trouble is he won't let me meet any of them, he goes on nights out with them and won't bring me along EVER. He's became best friends with a girl.. he told me she's a lesbian. . that's cool.. but I would like to meet her and the others. he said ' you don't have to meet any of then or her' he goes out with her more then he even takes me out, they go shopping and get coffee and stuff together. I don't even get brought out. They text a lot also and even when I see it's her texting he'll say ' awh that's just ben' like pretending it's not her. He's fighting with me right now because he told me she works on a farm also.. me just being the messer I am.. I laughed. But I didn't do it to be crud or mean, he said ' I won't you out of my house by the time I'm out of the shower how dare u laugh at 'katie' at least she works ( I recently got let go) and eats proper meals a day and isn't like you who sits around drinking pepis ( my favourite drink) I got very hurt. I felt like he was saying she's better then me, he's a gym guy and eats healthy and so is she. I guess I'm just me and I eat what I want. I'm not overweight, I'm 8st and I no my body is fine? It really upset me when he said that. I just got my phone and left his and walked home, he hasn't contacted me since. He also even told me he is attractive to another female coworker he has her on Facebook and instagram. Why is he like this? I'm really angry. Is it my fault? Any advice please. . guys and girls


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  • Dump his fake patty azz. That's messed up that he prefers to hang with all these other people over you. The very notion that he won't introduce you to these people tells me he is embarrassed by you or is cheating and don't want you to catch on. Loose this looser


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  • "he goes out with her more then he even takes me out"

    She's no lesbian, girl. Ditch this guy, he's cheating most def.

  • You know very well what's going on, he is either lying to you and this girl is not a lesbian or she is a lesbian but is attracted to your boyfriend (it does happen) either way I think something sexual is definitely happening between them


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