She liked him with longer hair so he cut it short?

While I was in a relationship with my boyfriend I told him how much I like his hair the way it is, because he wanted to shave it, but then he never did. Now that we're broken up he shaved it. Why? To send some kind of a message? On purpose?
Just need some opinion out of curiosity. Thanks :)


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  • Probably because he only kept it long for you. Now that you are no longer dating he did what he wanted to do all along. It has more to do with his freedom than sending a message to you.


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  • nah he just was obvi tired of it and wanted to get rid of it when you two were together


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  • He wanted to feel free!

    My ex always asked me to shave my beard, not to grow it..
    A year had passed, you wonder how long my beard is now.

    Breaking free.

  • He told you while you were dating that he wanted to shave it. he didn't because you didn't want him to. now that ur broken up he has no reason not to if thats what he wants. It doesn't mean he's doing it to fuck with you.


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