Why do people shun severely deformed people in the dating world?

Are humans truly so shallow?
Do you know of any love stories that involve deformed people, if so please share. It really would be great to hear more love stories like this. I only know of one about the Elephant Man. Do you know of any others?


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  • Because a deformed person, regardless of how they came to be deformed, sends out the message of having damaged dna and it's very understandable that we don't like to pass damaged dna to our children.


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  • My friend has 4 fingers and she is happily married to her husband. They are a couple that I look up to a lot and who have also taught me a lot.

    She is not good looking, and it's not because of the missing fingers. She is overweight and has a below average face.

    They are a fabulous couple and truly love eachother.

    I have another friend who is paralyzed from the waist down and she is a fierce bitch who is a Dom to a sissy male. They love eachother very much and frequent fetish parties.


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