I've just started seeing a new guy when we are cuddling he often looks closely and touches lots of random parts of my body almost as if he is?

fascinated by it. Eg. He will look at and touch my hands, fingers, nails as if examining them, look deeply at different parts of my face, my hair, arms, stomach, toes, everything! Not all at once, I mean only a bit each time.

Has anyone ever experienced or done this before? What does it mean?


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  • I think it means he likes your body parts. Maybe he was checking to see if your body is his type or not.

    • Wouldn't he have already established I was his type before and during sex? I've never known a guy to examine me the way I described to judge if I'm his type.

    • Well ai didn't know that you and him had sec. The question just mentioned cuddling. Maybe he does it as a way to be affectionate and to appreciate you body in his weird way.

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  • I would think nothing of it. He probably just likes you and likes looking at you.


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  • He just like/love all of you. Some guys can be douche bags and only have interest in touching your sexual areas.


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