My sister is trying to find me a boyfriend but Im really nervous, what should I do?

A while ago my sister said she wanted me to have a boyfriend, so after hours of her complaining I finally just said "if you really want me to have a boyfriend then find me one!" But I didn't expect her to say yes so now I scared she will find me a date and I won't know what to do or anything...

Ps. She just broke up with her own boyfriend last night...


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  • Great, just go and bite him then chew and spit him, your sister won't annoy you anymore, I just hope your sister doesn't finds me.


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  • Relax. It is not easy to find someone. So wait till she really finds you someone.


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  • I think you have the best sister in the world hahaha :D When she does find you a date just be yourself and stop worrying... I think you can trust her into finding a great guy for you hahaha good luck! :)