If man on the 1st date keep talking about other girls?

I met one guy online and on the 1st date he kept talking about how he met other girls (not succesfully), how one was 20 years older than on her photos, 2nd was too short and offered him sex, but he refused, 3rd wanted to marry him after 1 month of relations, other were just strange and wanted money...
And he kept talking about it on our whole date...

Is ut strange?
Would u guys, talk about ur other girls on the 1st date if u like the girl?


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  • 'Other girls' would be that last thing I'd talk about, on the first date. In fact, I would never bring this up on ANY date, unless it was absolutely essential. Looks like he is a pretty immature guy, who is unaware of dating etiquette.


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  • Nervous tick? Or he wants you to know how much attention he's gotten and how none of them were normal to show you how good you look compared. There is no way he dated that many different people and they all were stupid. It's not like he was talking up his ex like he's not over her yet. He was just showing off in a strange way.
    That's my guess.


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  • the best advice I can give you Is.

    1. if I was you I wouldn't go on a second date. Especially if He was talking about his ex girlfriends maybe he was trying to tell you about past experience..

    2. Or maybe just don't know how to start a conversation or bring a good topic up.

    • but mostly guys like that are the ones that had sex before they even got into a serious relationship with a girl or woman

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    • so what you're trying to tell me right now is that you've been in a relationship with him for 4 years?

    • With who him?
      Never mind

  • Very strange. I would not talk about about other girls.

  • I think it's strange
    The date should be about Me and You, and that should be it

    Why talk about other girls if you're the only one who matters?

  • he is dying to share to someone

    yes it is totally strange for sure , not a fun first date for sure


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