Is it odd to not be interested in dating or mingling?

Long story short, I just got out of a relationship (almost 4 years) over a month ago and I've pretty much adjusted to being single.

I followed all of the things you were supposed to do and all that jazz. Going out, trying new things, spending time with friends/ family, etc.

Even my friends tried to set me up with other girls, I just don't have any interest with anyone, not because I'm hung up on my ex (I'm over her) but simply just an awkward feeling.

Has anyone ever been in this situation before? If so, any advice?


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  • No, its just a period in your life. It happens more often than you think, usually due to a combination of factors.

    Take me for example: Until a couple months ago, I had stopped dating and hooking up with women for nearly 3 years, all the while still in college. In fact, that was my justification for doing so, to focus harder on college as an interesting and willing woman has been proven (multiple times, sadly) to completely derail my academic studies. My grades fell and then I had to make a choice: stop dating or stop college.

    I chose the former and so I improved my GPA and managed to stay on the Dean's List of my university for the past 2 years. It killed my social life, true, but then, I never liked to drink overmuch (I was a bouncer at the time) and random sex with random women got old and boring.

    So no @Phoenix1991 , you are not odd for losing interest in dating or "mingling." It happens to everyone, and dry-spells can be good for a bit.

    • Great points, I was losing interest in the single life years ago and now back to it, my opinion remains the same.

      I'm in school (psych major) and work, I'm happy for now and I get to study abroad in Spain for a month in January. So I guess I can do what you did and just focus on my goals.

      Thank you for confirming this =]

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  • No not at all, whenever I normally get out a relationship, its takes 3 years or so before I start back. lol. The good thing is you have time now to focus more on yourself and doing the things that you enjoy. People never tell you this but a relationship takes a lot of work and takes much out of your especially when the other person isn't putting much effort as you. So enjoy yourself,

  • Like old like all you need now is time to put it behind you

  • Yes. It does get easier.


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  • I see we are alike. After a breakup we need to cease from the dating game!

    My last breakup, I couldn't even look at women romantically or sexually. I had women show interest but I just didn't have it in me to make moves.

    So I know how you feel. This feeling shall cease!