How to be a supportive girlfriend when my boyfriend has a crazy busy work schedule?

My boyfriend of 10 months has been working on a project at work for nearly 3 years and the deadline was this past Thursday. The last couple of weeks he's been crazy busy as his company began to roll out this new program. Now that the system is out, his job is to help anyone having issues with it. Even when he's not technically working, he's on call all hours of the day and night. He's completely stressed out over this. I miss him because we don't spend as much time together but he definitely makes an effort and he texts me daily. We spent a wonderful day together yesterday with his and my kids at the beach and he mentioned how nice it was to get away (though still on call). How can I be supportive of him during this time? He's got a few more weeks of this and even told me today that this won't last forever. We don't live together so it's really hard only seeing once a week right now.


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  • You can be supportive by letting him know that you're not going to be bugging him, but if he does need you, you'll be there. And being patient until you can see him more often again :)


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  • You be supportive by letting him finish what he is doing even if you miss him.


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