I dont feel like staying in my hometown?

i need to move out home, so i have the choice to leave or stay in my hometown, im really bored here but my family lives here so my brother said its better to stay close then far, its a city 40 min away but that city is hugeeeee lots of jobs but no friends or family so what should i do? im 23 and i NEED to move out, staying local makes me sad and depressed a bit, why? because i have outgrown, its nice and quiet


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  • It's time to move on with your life and go somewhere new. Everybody has to leave their nest sooner or later.

    • i found a place in my hometown but the the thing is im running out time and maybe i should get that one quick and then search further, the housing in the big city is taking a long time

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  • Do what's gonna make you happy. Family can't cure your mental ailments. At least try to give it a shot... it's only 40 minutes.


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  • 40 mins away is not that far at all


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