Meeting a guy on OkC for the 1st time.. is it rude he picked a place 40min away from me?

He seemed nice enough through messages, and when he suggested meeting in person he even asked me what area I lived in. I told him & said I didn't mind driving to meet in the middle or something. He picked a coffee place that's a freakin 40 min drive from me and apparently right in his neighborhood! I know it's my fault I didn't suggest another place right away but I didn't realize how far it was till I just google mapped it. He also let me know the place VERY last minute & doesn't answer his texts often. I'm pretty unhappy & almost want to cancel even though the date's in an hour.. should I just suck it up and go?


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  • It's a hard one because it's so far away from you that you don't have a friend to call if you need a "way out" and that he is doing this last minute. You could say that you don't feel comfortable driving that far and driving at night by yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would just go, 40 minutes isn't that bad. What if you really end up having a great time and as far as texting goes surprisingly not everyone likes to text or he is generally busy. Worst case you don't like him and waste a bit of gas, at least you learn what kind of guy you don't want.