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I am 22. I am dating a 38 year old woman?

i just found out she is...MARRIED.


what the hell do I do?

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  • End it. Don't get caught up in the middle of an affair. Tell her that makes you uneasy and walk away!

  • ... Whoa, that's definitely a FML situtation...

    The logical thing is to dump her? She's married, and she's quite a bit older than you, and to be honest, this is the first time I've heard of something like this.

    Personally, my stance is don't be with someone who they're are using you to cheat with because for all you know, they can cheat on you.

  • end it. it's definitely for the best. she's married for chrissake.

  • cut off contact

What Guys Said 7

  • Just dump her.

  • Hit it and quit it... or just quit it now...

  • do what she's doing and use her for extra sex while you start a new relationship

  • dump her cheating ass.if she will cheat with you she will cheat on you.

  • I'd suggest ending it. You have no obligation to stay with her at this point.

  • Laugh at the situation and walk away to someone more close to your own age ^_^

  • Dump her NOW. Don't talk to her, call her, or email her.

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