Why can't I find women that I really want to date?

Regardless of how I interact on here, I'm very good at making conversation and making people feel valued. However, I've found that I only really find a girl attractive enough to keep me interested if the first time I meet her I have no idea what to say... I've only had this happen a few times in my life and twice over the last two years that I've been single. Why can't I find attractive women? Is it because I live in the Midwest? Really what the fuck is this shit?


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  • Wow, is the Midwest that difficult for guys to find dates.

    • It's difficult for me. I go out a lot, but I never find a girl that keeps my attention for more than 2 dates if a date at all. It's boring and bad enough that I legitimately want to be dead.

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    • No, she cheated on me with 6 guys. When she brought her kid over to make me see him one last time to hurt me I got down on one knee and told him "I know you don't understand this now, but someday you will. Your mother is a terrible person and she deserves no respect from anyone let alone you. She doesn't know how to be nice and she hurts people to make herself happy". I proceeded to contact her for the last couple years on her birthday to tell her how horrible of a mother she is. For fuck sake, she drove me to a suicide attempt and left me while I was in the hospital.

    • What the? She is insane, wow. Then, you do had it bad. Maybe, you should take time off from dating and focus on yourself. It would be better. Or focus on something else besides dating and girls.

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  • Firstly GAG is not the place to be looking for women to date. Most women and most men here are not looking for people to date while on GAG. Maybe the reason you can't find women to date is because you are going to the wrong places? What sort of places do you go to? If it is night clubs and bars then they are bad places to meet women. Another problem could be because you are being to picky in women?

    • I'm not looking here.

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    • Nah, I have a fear of being laughed at. I have a well controlled social phobia. I just can't handle laughing. I can convince myself that literally anything else isn't about me but laughter makes the walls feel like they're closing in and people start looking like the Black Hole Sun music video


    • I'm not afraid of rejection. I don't mind being told "no", I just don't like being made fun of afterwards. My position socially, regardless of the things I post on here, is lower than anyone on this site has ever experienced. To put it in perspective, I was literally the most hated kid in 3 school districts almost 80% of these people I didn't even know but they somehow knew me.