Guys, I dont know what to do?

So Saturday night I went out and met someone. I have a bit of Disney syndrome... what I mean by this is that I want my Prince Charming...

well Saturday night he ticked the boxes... I came away full of hope that we exchanged numbers and he was messaging me protectively when I went home and stopped off for food...

We had kissed and sat together for a few hours, yes he hinted we should go back to his but he understood that I wouldn't and that was OK. He made a huge fuss of me for my birthday and he was lovely.

Yesterday we texted a lot and it got extremely sexual. he then went AWOL and he blocked me on whatsapp.

Yes we texted a lot but I was on my own on my birthday and I felt shit about it, I used him to distract myself. He has since texted saying I am too far from where he lives (3 hours away by train) and he doesn't think its worth staying in touch.

So, any way to change his mind?

I am feeling kinda crappy and I dont want people to be hard on me so please play nice? I met him outside the bar and he sought me out and dragged me to the VIP section.

I should probably add that he comes from an extremely wealthy family, knighthood the lot and I am a manual labourers daughter... I have an OK job which I love but would I be sufficient when it comes to his family?


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