Girls, Why do girls assume all guys are creepy sex crazed maniacs who want to get in their pants?

You complain that guys don't approach you but you are the ones who keep us from approaching you because you assume we are all creept perverts who just want to get in your pants. Even saying hi or hello = creepy according to you. Thats why I refrain from sending messages to women online etc because I do not want to be branded a creepy pervert just because I am a man. And yes men are going to say you are hot or sexy all the time if you find that creepy than you have issues. Take it as a compliment ffs if it bothers you then ignore it.

It's quite mind bogling how a person can be offended by compliments. Also FYI there are women out there who harass men, and act creepy too so don't act like men are the only ones who do it.


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  • Okay, okay. In every group of people, there are rotten apples. In the male population, and in the female population. Most girls think that most guys are awesome. Most guys think that most girls are awesome. There are a few biased, stupid people generalising the male and female population. There is no such thing as "all men are idiots" because every single man is different and not all women are "easily offended feminazis". Just a few of them. Please, keep this in mind. Rotten apples are found everywhere, but the majority of the people are pretty damn fine shiny red apples, son.


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  • I enjoy compliments but it depends on how they are offered. Many times they do come off as creepy for a variety of reason but sometimes they don't. Those are the ones I appreciate.

    • Or in other words if the "compliments" come from a guy who doesn't fit your definition of "attractive" it is creepy but when the six pack ab hunk says the same things as the unattractive creep then it's flattering and sweet.

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    • Here we go again with the anti male sexism.

    • I love and appreciate men. You however, I feel sorry for. Work on why you are so angry, it'll go along way in you future relationships.

  • Lmfao those types of girls are frustrating they're probably stuck up and think every guy wants to sleep with them! (This is just going of of girls I know who are very similar)