Trying to be better and more confident around women?

There are these girls I some time hang around with, one of them I am attracted to. She is always telling me about the type of guys she likes and telling me other things that is going on with her. I just don't fit anything she is looking for yet I am attracted to her. I just felt pretty much ok here I am again page 1. They like the dude the muscular dude with the bad boy attitude. I just don't really fit in that mold. I am the dude that will listen and when I disagree I will say it or whatever. Unless you know which buttons to push I tend to take a lot to get upset like with most people. I have no idea of what to do in this situation?


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  • Confidence is something that must begin within you then ooze out into your life’s encounters, occurrences, and relationships. It’s not about changing yourself to fit what someone else likes but embracing who you are and genuinely loving every single inch of your physical self and psyche. Once you get to the point where you love yourself and appreciate the entirety of who you are as well as your capabilities, confidence becomes second nature.

  • Let her have her bad boy and see where that gets her. Don't ever settle.


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