When do you decide if you're wasting your time trying to spend time with someone?

I'm an impatient person. It doesn't take long for me to decide a person bores me or is too unavailable. However, I'm also stubborn so if I see real potential in someone then I probably hold on longer than I should. What are some of the signs you people look for and how soon (or late) do you all give up?


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  • I give up whenever I feel that our interactions are not genuine anymore or whenever I see myself giving more things than the other person does.


What Guys Said 1

  • I give up if I don't feel a real sense of being just as upset we can't spend time together or they do little things call/text to show interest even when they are available to be with me. Also if they take the time to call and set something up after my repeated attempts. If I feel I'm the only one trying to make it work. I'm done.

    • Those are all really good points. How often do you find women so willing to put that level of effort in though? I've found that nearly every girl I've met will happily do nothing rather than initiate. But maybe that's just my experience and I've been meeting the wrong people.