How to not be jealous?

My boyfriend and I broke up for a few weeks and now he is so much better in bed. I don't think he slept with anyone else but the sex has been so good so passionate and intimate I just hate to think of him even having these kinds of moments with women before me.

I know it is crazy. I'm just falling so hard for him, every moment we have together is special right now. We just laid in bed holding each other for hours the other morning. We haven't said I love you yet but I think I'm past the point of no return. And sometimes when we are having sex when I open my eyes he is looking at me like he is about to cry in a good way.

Is this normal? I haven't been in love in forever. Sometimes I feel like I just want to swallow him. Not just in the bedroom but everything. When he is going on about something he feels passionately about I just stare at him like he is amazing. He thinks it is an uninterested stare sometimes because I'm not smiling bit I'm just thinking how attracted I am to him in that moment.


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  • You have good chemistry so the passion is great, don't knock it😊


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  • It sounds like you are in deep like.


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