I think we could have gone far but didn't, was there a shot?

so I was hanging out with a guy friend today and his girlfriend broke up with him again (2nd time) last night. I was trying to tell him how he should just move on and find someone else. We spent two hours talking in his car and caused all the windows to fog over. He made the comment that he was sad it didn't happen the fun way though. He kept talking about dry sex and kissing. I didn't know what to do because I was nervous so I changed subjects. Is he trying to tell me that he wants something between us and wanted to kiss me or is he just trying to use me as a rebound?


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  • trying to use you as a rebound. he is a friend of yours but dated another girl up until last night. obviously there is some feelings on his end for her if he dated her not once but twice...u had to reassure him to move on. its good that you did not hook up with him because he's not into u, ur just a friend to him he really has feelings for the other girl