Should I see what happens or break up with him?

There is this guys that I started dating over the weekend and he's technically my first boyfriend we have been friends for a few months and i had a major crush on him over the summer , I really liked him but as soon as we got together as a couple I feel super weird we have kissed but he smokes and does a lot of bad things , he's lonely and all my friends hate him and gets really awkward and sometimes he will do things that I'm just agreeing with , I liked him a lot but now as a couple it feels weird , and he has given me gifts and we are still young but the first time talking on the phone he told me he loved me , and j said nothing back except you too and hung up, it's way too soon to say that and I don't know what to do he wants to take me out on a date and he's been treating me very nice and I love it but I feel different being in a relationship with him like I thought I'd be a lot happier and my friends keep telling me he gives bad vibes so I don't know what to do please help


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  • Wait and see


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  • What kind of bad things does he do? If your gut tells you to break up, you should do so.

    • Like he does drugs and smokes and some of his views are different


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  • if you feel bad with him and he is making you sad and maybe your social zone was affected by him and you dont feel good with this. You can try to have a serious chat with him about hi problems, if he promise to change, but things get worse. Perhaps break up will be the solution.


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