Do you always define your relationship?

So I've been seeing someone for about 3 months and we have discussed that we aren't seeing other people but not much else. It just feels like things aren't progressing but it's been a longtime since I've been in a relationship so I don't really know. We see each other a couple of times a week and spend a weekend day and night together but not all weekend. I've met his friends but when we hang out is usually alone. I kind of wish he would invite me when he goes out with his friend which is a mixed group of guys and girls sometimes. His friends have girlfriends but he does t like most of them so they usually don't come when he hangs out with those guys. His other friends are single friends. I guess he didn't really have a lot of couples friends. I worry we are never going to be a real thing. 😕


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  • Patience is a very difficult virtue to attain.


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  • No, I don't always consider it necessary to put a label on it. If you truly want to, then you should have a discussion with him about it.
    You're exclusive with one-another though, aren't you?


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  • Okay if you really absolutely feel that way dump him and move on , don't be with a guy that won't even put in effort to call it a relationship, I'd ask him and say hey if you're not looking for a relationship with me then we should stop and if he is just slow the. You should make the first move (: good luck! Could you answer my last question please

  • I just have this same problem happen. Express your feelings and see what he wants with you. You'll never know unless you ask.