Why do women have it harder in the dating scene?

All a guy has to do is look good and girls are swarming after him. A guy can ask a girl out and she will say "yes" 99% of the time, as long as he looks good. Women can be a 10/10 in looks but guys still won't date them because of their personality and morals.

Why are women so much less pickier? It's no wonder so many women on here complain about being single and not being able to get a date.


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  • Because men expect you to fuck them on command if they pay for your Happy Meal at McDonalds.


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  • In terms of looking good? Guys have it harder, women have higher standards although they aren't harsh about it. Guys will generally sleep with anything in a skirt given the time. But do girls have it harder in terms of dating? Yeah, try finding a genuine guy when they all have the mentality of trying to get into someones pants and have the collective maturity of a baby.


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  • This is a joke right? Because I see this in reverse. Men have it harder.

  • I think its the other way around guys only care about looks and women care about the personality

    • Then why do girls ogle at guys in public places? They also harass us in public.

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    • Haha nice try trying to turn it around but you did say something wrong. You won't admit it because you don't want to admit you WERE! being sexist because you were.

    • @Applefan1 No I won't admit it because I wasn't BEING SEXIST DO ME A FAVOR AND BLOCK MY ASS IF THIS IS HOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE!

  • I find it hard as so many guys these days are afraid to approach girls at all. There are so many "good looking" guys who don't believe they are in fact that "good looking" type. Even if there are many girls I do notice around him, or trying to get his attention making it completely obvious. They become intimidated by a lot of female attention even though they relish it.

    What makes it difficult is the guys have many girls who are after them so it's more of an urgency to make something happen, or some other girl will come along. So they play dirty tricks. Believe me the competition among girls is a lot worse then with guys. So many guys are much more easy going even if they want a girlfriend. They're too caught up in they're male friends.

    I will say "yes" 99% of the time to any guy I find attractive! The guys who put the effort out, The problem is that he has so many to choose from. Why do you feel this way?


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  • Women don't have it harder. Men are the ones that have it harder. Much harder. What you are saying is not even true, more like 99% of the time a woman will say no when a guy asks her out. There are both men and women that will not date someone if they have a bad personality and morals, there are also men and women that will only date someone based on their looks to. In general women are way more picky.

    • @sarahot46 Oooooo caps lock, now someone is getting mad! Caps lock me to death I don't care but the truth is yes you were being sexist that is a fact. I am not being like anything, it is you with the attitude problem. Sending me a reply like that and then blocking me just makes you look pathetic and makes you so immature.