Does he enjoy kissing me?

Last Saturday I went out on a 2nd date with this guy (I'm now currently dating) we had fun at a gaming expo and then we went outside to sit in the shade to chill. While we were talking he suddenly brought up "where do you want to go with this", at the end we both agreed to date each other. After a while I noticed that he began to give me more and longer eye contact, but also looking at my lips now and boom my first kiss. It wasn't a French kiss nor a peck (which I was glad about) but at the same time I was pretty worried that I wasn't good, then a little later he was going for a 2nd kiss (I didn't know lol) and he said "hey you were suppose to kiss me" I laughed and I went in closer and then we started kissing. I'm sure he enjoyed it since he wanted a 2nd kiss but do you think he did? Or nah?


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  • Of course he did

    • hahah cool
      I was kind worried since it was my first kiss, thanks

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  • Yes, I think he did as well, otherwise he wouldn't ask you for a 2nd kiss. :3

    • hahah cool thanks
      Yeah when I asked him he said it was fine so phew haha


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  • How should I know?

    • then I'm surprised you were bothered to comment haha

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  • To be perfectly honest he would probably still kiss you even if you weren't "good", kissing someone you like is enjoyable regardless of their skill, so don't worry about it.

    • yeah that's true, I was just worried because when I hear about first kiss stories they usually don't sound happy
      thanks :)