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There is a girl who is into me, but she is shy. The odd thing is that she is only shy around me. It is really hard to talk to her because I am shy. I often find myself not talking to her in person when I have the chance and then texting her later. I have the first period with her and the last period with her. I often try to talk to her during first period and she either doesn't respond or just answers what I ask. So I figure that she wants to be left alone and I don't say anything during last period. I just get really nervous and it seems like I am more eager to talk to her than she is to me. Our conversations often last longer when she starts them and sometimes she seems like she is either in a bad mood or is mad at me when I try to talk to her in person, but if we do have a conversation that is started by me that lasts long, she will tweet what as good day it was or like a smiley face. I just would like some advice because I feel like I am not showing her that I care about her even though I have told her that I am into her more than a few times.


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  • I am sorry, but based on the things you shared, that girl isn't into you.


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  • Please stop writing in huge fucking paragraphs. Use Enter/Return.

    Anyway, just the fact that she is either in a bad mood or mad at you most of the time, and she barely responds to you makes it pretty clear she's not into you. Why did you even say she is into you?