If a guy says "let me know if you want to hang out again" at the end of a date?

I met up w/a guy from OkC for the 1st time and I thought it went pretty well. After dinner he asked if wanted to get dessert & the whole thing lasted like 3 hrs. It seemed like he wanted to keep talking but I had to go work on homework. At the end he just said "let me know if you want to hang out again" (he seemed kinda shy/nervous). I'm confused what to do in this case? I know usually girls should wait for the guy to ask again..


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  • It sounds like he thought maybe you weren't digging him and he didn't want to be aggressive with you. I don't usually recommend texting for these things, but under the circumstances. . . text m and say, "I had a good time. Hope we do it again soon!" Then you can wait for him to take the next step.


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  • lol... he's interested so just send him a text and say yo i'd like to hang out !
    he wants to make sure you're interested as well before he keeps pestering you about going out. he's expressed that he wants to see you again by saying that


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  • Don't play by 'that rule'
    I find it silly... If you like eachother, it doesn't matter from who it comes... Just let him know, if you like him and want to give this all a shot, that is

  • He's hopeless, your turn. Or maybe the bad one, just not that interested


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