How do I be romantic?

My girlfriend is a hopeless romantic she said. I tried looking up some stuff I can do other than open the door for her, I forgot to do that other than the first time though.

What else can I do?


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  • I had a hopeless romantic boyfriend, and sometimes he did things like, when we were talkin he just stopped talkin to stare at me and to tell me that I am so beautiful, how much I mean to him, how freaking much he loves me. He did other things like, surprising me with flowers, good morning texts, if she goes to your school bring her coffee and tell her you have been thinking about her all morning, invite her to hang out or to your home and choose a song that reminds both of you about each other and tell her that it is going to be your song so everytime you listen to it you will think about her, go for a walk with her and lend her your jacket or sweater if she says weather is cold, dance with her to a random song, things like that, or is it just too romantic?


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  • What are you, a robot?

    Take her on classic, romantic-ass dates, buy her random flowers, etc.


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  • Take the time to understand what she likes, try to match your enthusiasm with the pace she's comfortable with! Over enthusiastic lap dog is not romantic in my book!


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