If guy texts "nice to meet you" after a 1st date?

Is he not that interested (since he didn't mention a 2nd date)? We met offline for the first time & i thought it went pretty well (it lasted few hrs and there weren't any awkward pauses). He seemed kinda shy/nervous & at the end he told me to let him know if I wanted to hang out again. About an hour after we said goodbye he texted "It was really nice meeting you. Good luck on your project!" (I was doing homework). I texted back nice to meet you too, and that we should do this again sometime. It's been a couple days since then and I haven't heard anything? Would you text a girl that if you weren't interested?


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  • This is why I HATE!!! texting. If he had called to say "I had a nice time," you would have talked for a few minutes and you would have a much better idea of where he was at, and he would have a better idea of whether you were interested. Instead. . . maybe he thinks you weren't that interested so he is not pursuing it and it is all a big failure to communicate.

    I would call a girl after a first date, even if I wasn't interested, and say I enjoyed meeting you but I don't think we are a good match for each other.


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  • no, if he says we should do it again it probably means he just doesn't have a day in mind!

    • No I was the one to say we should do it again sometime haha..

    • OOOH my bad! I would give it a few days, if not you can shoot one last text!


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  • I think he's just awkward. This is something a shy/nervous guy would say. You should try texting him back and see what happens.


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